Angel Street

by Patrick Hamilton
Directed by Coreen Janetske
Stage Manager Allison Fagan

Production Kickoff: August 01, 2021

Audition: August 08, 2021

Performance Dates

Oct. 22, 23, 29, 30, Nov. 5, Nov. & 6, 2021 at 8:00PM
Oct. 31 Nov. & 7, 2021 at 2:00PM

Unless specifically noted, all roles are open to all regardless of race or ethnicity.

  • Mr. Manningham – (about 45) Master of the house. Good looking, about 45. His manner is suave and authoritative, with a touch of mystery and bitterness. Subtly sinister. Character speaks with a British accent. (Actors late 30s through 40s encouraged to audition. There will be a kissing scene between Nancy and Mr. Manningham)
  • Mrs. Manningham – (about 35) Mistress of the house. She is mid 30's. She has been beautiful, but now has a haggard, wan, frightened air, seems to have a lot of sleepless nights. Character speaks with a British accent. (Actors late 20s to 40 encouraged to audition)
  • Detective Rough – (middle aged) He is middle-aged, could be greying, active, bursque, friendly, slightly overbearing. Has a low, warm chuckle and completely dominates the scene. Character speaks with a British accent. (Actors late 40s-60s encouraged to audition)
  • Elizabeth – (about 50) Servant to the Manninghams. She is an amiable, subservient woman in her 50s. Character speaks with a cockney accent. (Actors 50s to 60s encouraged to audition)
  • Nancy – (about 19) Servant to the Manninghams. She is a self-conscious, pretty, cheeky girl of 19. Character speaks with a cockney accent. (Actors over 21 encouraged to audition. There will be a kissing scene between Nancy and Mr. Manningham, who is over 40)
  • Walk-ons – Walk on roles of two policmen, no lines. If interested, please contact the director.

Angel Street takes place in foggy London, late 1800s in the upper middle class home of Mr. and Mrs. Manningham along with their servants Elizabeth and Nancy. Mr. Manningham is a somewhat arrogant, authoritative man who flirts with their young maid Nancy, in front of his wife. Mr. Manningham spends most of his time convincing his wife that she is going insane, and then spends his evenings away from home, not telling Mrs. Manningham where he is going. Suddenly a former police detective named Rough, comes to the house and tried to convince Mrs. Manningham that she in fact, is not insane. Soon many secrets are revealed!

My name is Coreen Janetzke. I have been involved in community theater since 2012. I started acting and directing in a church setting and then fell in love with community theater. I have directed many plays and musicals and have also enjoyed costuming several shows. Some of my favorite directing projects include You Can't Take it With You, Then There Were None, Schoolhouse Rock and Mousetrap. I recently wrote a radio show script and am working on a second installment, which has been a great joy. I continue to look forward to my future directing projects!



Script review, auditions, and performances take place at:
Curtain Players Theatre
5691 Harlem Road, Galena, OH 43021

Curtain Players offers a information session for each of its productions as a help for actors seeking roles, but attendance is not required to audition. The event is an opportunity for actors to become acquainted with the community theatre organization, to discuss the play with the director, and to ask questions about the audition process, rehearsal period, and production plans. Those interested in working behind the scenes are also invited to attend.

Curtain Players conducts open auditions for its productions. Roles are not cast in advance, and, unless specified otherwise in the role's description, are open to all without regard to race or ethnicity. Casting decisions are made by the director and a casting committee comprised of a member of the theatre board, a general member of the organization, and individuals of the director's choosing.

Actors are encouraged to come to auditions familiar with the script and ready to read cuttings from the script. Every effort will be made to give actors equal chances to read. Resumes and head shots are helpful but not necessary.

Requests for an early audition for Angel Street must be made no later than July 25, 2021.

Questions related to the audition process may be directed to

Rehearsals for our productions begin in an offsite location, to be determined for each production. Approximately one month before opening night, rehearsals move into the Harlem Road playhouse.

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