Players E-Mail Address Compromised

Posted: Sunday, August 6, 2017, 6:03am

Curtain Players has announced that in the last week an e-mail address of one of its officers has been compromised.

The community theatre reminds patrons that Curtain Players does not store personal information. Arts People is the contracted online service through which the theatre securely processes online ticket orders and donations, and sends its This Week at Curtain Players and other special e-mail messages.

Curtain Players never asks patrons to donate the theatre or pay for tickets by wire transfer. If someone has received an e-mail from Curtain Players that asks for a wire transfer or suggests another questionable action, please report it as spam with the e-mail provider and delete the message.

At this time Curtain Players is not aware of any patrons receiving suspicious e-mail from the theatre, but Curtain Players wants its loyal patrons and followers to be on the lookout for suspicious messages, and to know the theatre is investigating the situation.