Cheers for the House Volunteers

Posted: Monday, January 1, 2018, 1:50pm

Curtain Players recognizes and thanks the members of its volunteer corps who filled hospitality positions during the community theatre’s recent productions of Wendy Darling, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and Crimes of the Heart.

The following Players served as box office representatives, house managers, ushers, concessionaires, and parking lot attendants for the first three Season 55 productions at the Harlem Road playhouse: Laura Aring, Neil Aring, Mary Benge, Randy Benge, Deb Blessing, Mark Blessing, Amy Bott, Izzy Brinker, Sean Brinker, Wendy Brinker, Lindsay Brooks,  Doug Browell, Elena Browell, Rita Case, Ted Chaney, Jeff Cramlet, Teri Cramlet, Laura Dachenbach, Rosie diPasquale, Denise Dumouchelle, Thea Vicari Duncan, Thomas Durkin, Michael Fusco, Terri Fusco, Janet Harriet, Erin Haught, Kate Hawthorne, Dyan Hornung, Hal Houston, Carolyn Jakubzak, Judy Joseph, Ken Klein, Madeleine Knill, Keely Kurtas-Chapman, James Lindenberger, Rob Loar, Susan Loar, Tony Ludovico, Ruth Luketic, Lisa Lunn, Joanne Marshall, Casey Merkey, Sarah Merkey, Nancy Meyer, Debb Miller, Stephen Moore, Booth Muller, Cheryl Muller, Chris Musselman, Barb Newton, Nancy Peebles, Kirsten Peninger, James F. Petsche, Debbie Piper, Larry Piper, Jackie Herrera Salvador, Mario Salvador, Bethany Schoeff, Heather Schultz, Christopher Seitz, Jennifer Shively, Richard Simmons, Jeremy Sony, Laura Tirronen, Alex Trucco, Molly Watson, Amy Weinhold, Alice Young, John Young, Alice Yuhas, and Ron Yuhas.

House staff volunteers are needed for Simply Staged: Albee Fest January 11-13 and Lettice and Lovage February 9-10, 16-18 and 23-25. To volunteer with Curtain Players for the Curtain Players hospitality team or in any capacity with the community theatre, contact the theatre’s new volunteer coordinator Debb Miller at