Curtain Players Membership... Defined

Posted: Wednesday, May 2, 2018, 7:29am

The Curtain Players Board of Directors reminds everyone how they are recognized as a member of the community theatre organization as members.

A Curtain Players member is defined as an individual who has documented active participation in Curtain Players activities during a current season (July 1-June 30) and/or has made a documented donation of at least $20 to the theatre in that 12-month period.

Membership in the Curtain Players organization is defined by the community theatre company’s board. This is an administrative power delegated to the board in the organization by-laws.

Candidacies for board elections are open to only Curtain Players members in good standing, as is the privilege to vote in that election. Membership guarantees an invitation to the season-end celebration.

Documented active participation is noted in production programs, house staff rosters, work day reports, and other similar records.

Donations — such as monetary contributions or gifts-in-kind of goods and services — are recorded by the board treasurer and business manager. Donations do not include ticket purchases.

The Curtain Players leadership team is committed to efforts to enhance and to improve its volunteer and fundraising programs, and to maintaining a community theatre that remains affordable and accessible to its participants.