Upgrade Coming!

Posted: Thursday, August 2, 2018, 4:13pm

The Curtain Players website will soon be getting a much needed and overdue facelift. We’re planning to introduce a cleaner look, easier navigation, and best of all, much improved usage on mobile devices.

The first change you will see will be the home page, which is where you land with curtainplayers.org. For now, other pages you may link to will look as they currently do; we’ll be gradually migrating the whole site to the new look.

In order to introduce these changes, we’ll be using newer technologies that aren’t supported on older web browsers. On desktop, be sure you are using the latest Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge versions. If you use Internet Explorer, you’ll need to be on at least version 10. For mobile, the browsers found on the more recent Android versions and iOS 7 and later are supported.

If you experience usage issues, please contact us at webmaster@curtainplayers.org and let us know.