New Works Initiative

Featuring new plays by central Ohio playwrights!

March 4, 5 & 6, 2021, at 7:30 PM

Curtain Players invited three playwrights to workshop and develop new plays from the ground up. Join us for the first public readings of these brand-new works! Then stick around each night for Q&As with the playwrights!

Thursday, March 4: Stagehand by Sarah Cabe
Friday, March 5: Stranded with Myself by Noah Martin
Saturday, March 6: Even the Minutes by Tay Lane

March 4, 2021 - Stagehand

When Danny is hired to create a drama club from scratch at a local high school, he finds himself rehearsing with a small group of misfits and clashing with an authoritative principal tasked with protecting the school's values. He decides to fight back and gives his students the creative freedom to update a classic play, but when they bring too much of their lives onto the stage and Danny starts losing control of his classroom, the future of the drama club and Danny's future at the school is called into question.

Sarah Cabe is a junior BA Music major at Otterbein University. Outside of school, she works part-time as a private piano instructor. Though this is her first written piece, she has enjoyed participating in theater for the past several years. Her favorite credits include The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged), and A Christmas Carol. She draws her inspiration for this show from her own artistic experiences, through the transition from high school to college. She'd like to thank St. Charles Theatre and all its actors, and everyone at Curtain Players!

March 5, 2021 - Stranded with Myself

After a sudden capsizing in the middle of the ocean which causes him to lose close to everyone he knows, Nolan the Narrator is stranded on a rock in the Atlantic and left alone to deal with his thoughts as the tide rises. He journeys back to his life and situations in high school with friends and enemies. Join Nolan in this philosophical dark comedy about God, death, and the meaning of life.

Noah Martin is a local actor, writer, and voice-over artist, currently majoring in Media Communications. His plays Super Tale - A Super Powered Fairy Tale and The Tyrannical Tale of the Pupletine River were performed virtually for Curtain Players and featured on the playhouse's YouTube channel. Noah has been involved with numerous shows at Curtain Players, including appearing on stage in A Christmas Carol and The Purgatory Box (New Works Initiative 2019). He currently serves as a trustee on the CP Board of Directors.

March 6, 2021 - Even the Minutes

When a small town is gripped by a series of tragedies, two people go rogue to try to find a right, demonstrating what happens when judgment, doubt, and suspicion consume us.

Tay Lane holds BA degrees in Philosophy and Classics (Ancient Greek Translation) from Ohio University. In addition, she has three years of graduate school training in Philosophy from OU and Northwestern University. She has been acting in, writing, and directing plays for more than 12 years. Tay has written 13 and directed more than 50 short plays produced locally. This is her first one-act, and she deeply appreciates the opportunity from Curtain Players.

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