The Dixie Swim Club

by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope, & Jamie Wooten
Directed by Cathy Cordy
Produced by Heather Schultz
Stage Manager Jeremy Harrison

Production Kickoff: June 07, 2020

Audition: June 14, 2020

Performance Dates

Sept. 11, 12, 18, 19, 25, & 26, 2020 at 8:30PM
Sept. 13 & 20, 2020 at 8:30PM
For information related to COVID-19 mitigation at auditions, please see the very important information in "What to Expect at Auditions"

Unless specifically noted, all roles are open to all regardless of race or ethnicity.

This production will utilize a cast of five women, each of whom will need to be able to portray age progressions over 33 years, from their 40s through their 70s, credibly and seamlessly.

  • Sheree Hollinger – Was the team captain and continues to be the mother hen. She is very athletic, a health nut, a planner and the all-American mom.
  • Dinah Grayson – A lawyer for a prestigious firm in Atlanta. She excels at everything except relationships. She comes off as a cynic and does not exude a warm, fuzzy personality.
  • Lexie Richards – The true Southern belle - narcissistic, obsessed with fighting what age is doing to her looks - not unlike Blanche Devereaux of "Golden Girls."
  • Jeri Neal McFeeley – Naive, always positive, bubbly, the perfect nun. Yes, nun. Like Lexie's Blanche, she clocks in as another Rose Nylund.
  • Vernadette Simms – A public school teacher with a dark cloud following her around. Still, she manages to find a fair amount of humor in her tribulations.

Five Southern women, whose friendships began many years ago on their college swim team, set aside a long weekend every August to recharge those relationships. Free from husbands, kids, and jobs, they meet at the same beach cottage on North Carolina's Outer Banks to catch up, laugh, and meddle in each other's lives. The Dixie Swim Club focuses on four of those weekends and spans a period of thirty-three years. As their lives unfold and the years pass, these women increasingly rely on one another, through advice and raucous repartee, to get through the challenges (men, sex, marriage, parenting, divorce, aging) that life flings at them. And when fate throws a wrench into one of their lives in the second act, these friends, proving the enduring power of "teamwork," rally 'round their own with the strength and love that takes this comedy in a poignant and surprising direction. The Dixie Swim Club is the story of these five unforgettable women - a hilarious and touching comedy about friendships that last forever...

Cathy is a retired theatre teacher from CCS's Columbus Alternative High School where she directed over 40 shows in the 20 years she was there. Missing her theatre fix, she played Miss Fern in Little Theatre Off Broadway's production of Bad Seed, coordinated costuming for The Abbey Theatre's production of Beauty and the Beast, directed Grease for Imagine Productions and assisted coordinating costumes for Little Theatre Off Broadway's production of Gypsy. This summer she will assist directing When Your Soul Cries.


  • Production Kickoff: Sunday, June 07, 2020, 6:30 pm
  • Audition: Sunday, June 14, 2020
    Auditions will be held via appointment. Register your spot at Signup Genius
    Please note that all individuals must wear a mask to be permitted entry into the playhouse for auditions.


Production Review will be a virtual meeting
Password: 717170

Pre-Signup for auditions is required
Auditions and performances take place at:
Curtain Players Theatre
5691 Harlem Road, Galena, OH 43021
*Please note that all individuals must wear a mask to be permitted entry into the playhouse for auditions.*

For The Dixie Swim Club, the Production Kickoff will be help via a virtual meeting.
Please attend via Zoom meeting - Password: 717170

Curtain Players offers a information session for each of its productions as a help for actors seeking roles, but attendance is not required to audition. The event is an opportunity for actors to become acquainted with the community theatre organization, to discuss the play with the director, and to ask questions about the audition process, rehearsal period, and production plans. Those interested in working behind the scenes are also invited to attend.

Curtain Players conducts open auditions for its productions. Roles are not cast in advance, and, unless specified otherwise in the role's description, are open to all without regard to race or ethnicity. Casting decisions are made by the director and a casting committee comprised of a member of the theatre board, a general member of the organization, and individuals of the director's choosing.

THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW to audition for The Dixie Swim Club this Sunday, June 14:

  1. First thing to do is go to Signup Genius and select an audition slot
  2. Once you have signed up to audition, please email your theatre resume, completed audition form and headshot (if available) to
  3. Once #2 has been received, you will be emailed the sides that will be used at the auditions and a copy of the Participation Agreement and PA Addendum for your review and signature.
  4. Day of auditions, please stay in your car until called for the auditions. DO NOT enter the playhouse without a mask. You will be directed to a spot on the stage that is your space for the entire audition. Please bring printed copies of the sides for your use or obtain a fresh copy when you arrive for the auditions.

Auditions will consist of prospects reading from sides. The chemistry between the five women is imperative. My intent is to utilize at least three sides that best capture the dynamics between the women as a group. Each prospect will have at least two opportunities, if not more, to read as a barometer of their talent. I expect to have one night of open auditions and a callback night.

Requests for an early audition for The Dixie Swim Club must be made no later than May 31, 2020.

Questions related to the audition process may be directed to

After auditions and read-throughs, rehearsals will be held three nights a week - probably Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - from 7pm to 10pm. More will be scheduled as and if needed.

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