Cast Announced for "16-3-3, Home"

Posted: Wednesday, July 17, 2019, 8:04am

Curtain Players has cast our summer project "16-3-3, Home" by Heather Schultz, based on the historic novel 16-3-3 by Vicki Tieche, which will be staged at this year's Harlem Township Days festival in Galena, Ohio, on Saturday, Aug. 17.

We are excited to announce the cast as follows:

Rusty Wummel as Benajah Cook
Allison Fagan as Cassandra Cook
Ashton Boyd as Ben Cook
Grady Peterson as James Cook
Abby Bauder as Celina Cook
Mackenzie Joseph as Mary Johnston & Sybble Beecher
Shuyi Wang as Rebekah Thompson
Justin Pinsker as Thomas Scott & Stephen Thomas
Jeff Kemeter as Angus Fyffe & Moses Byxbe
Greg Kissner as Charlie Plummer & Joseph Beecher
Randy Benge as Adam Hosek & Richard Thompson
Noah Martin as Mr. Bipps & Benjamin Faurchild

16-3-3, Home is a story of unsung heroes, the original settlers of Range 16, Township 3, Section 3, who, through grit and determination, carved out a community that became Harlem Township.

Join us at 7 p.m. on August 17 at the Harlem Township Days festival for this free performance in Galena's Community Park.