Curtain Brings History Home at Harlem Township Days

Posted: Sunday, August 25, 2019, 4:19pm

Curtain Players on August 17 and 18 participated in annual Harlem Township Days, staging the world premiere of 16-3-3, Home the Saturday evening of the festival.

The history play – written by Curtain Players President Heather Schultz, adapted from the book ­16-3-3 by Vicki Tieche – tells of the original settlers of Range 16, Township 3, Section 3, who, through grit and determination, carved out a community that became Harlem Township.

Schultz directed the production, presented before a standing room only audience.  

Schultz said the effort has received “nothing but positive feedback regarding the performance.” She added the Heritage Township Heritage Committee has expressed interest in having Curtain Players be part of future festivals, discussing ways to improve the experience, perhaps adding a Sunday matinee and make the presentation more comfortable for the actors and audience. “I've already started discussing ways to enhance the story to make it fresh for next year,” said Schultz.

Wendy Brinker was 16-3-3, Home stage manager and costumer. Tony Ludovico designed the set, John Maassel was light board operator. Massell and Booth Muller were the transportation team. The acting company included Rusty Wummel, Allison Fagan, Ashton Boyd, Grady Peterson, Abby Bauder, Mackenzie Joseph, Shuyi Wang, Justin Pinsker, Jeff Kemeter, Greg Kissner, Randy Benge, Noah Martin, and Brian Henry.

Curtain Players also manned a community outreach booth at the festival. Kathy Hyland, Deb Miller, Jeanine Joseph, Allison Fagan, and Sharifa Andrews were volunteers handling this effort.