Tickets on Sale for Simply Staged – September 22-24

Posted: Wednesday, August 24, 2022, 6:23pm

Congratulations to the three local playwrights selected by our committee to be featured in the September 22-24 Simply Staged event. Join us for the staged readings of:

Thursday, Sept 22 8pm Sowing the Seeds of Trust, Written and Directed by Heather Schultz

Set in the future some years after an untold catastrophe, Stevie, a widow under mysterious circumstances, hires Jesse, a criminal serving a long sentence in the local prison, to work on her hydroponics farm. While the townsfolk have come to depend on her crops, they are troubled by the rumor that she killed her criminal husband and is hiding the money. And some will do anything to find the loot.

Friday, Sept 23 8pm Suadade, Written by Cory Skurdal and Directed by Pam Hill

Saudade explores Perry and John’s long-term relationship at three crucial points. First, as the relationship falters, and Perry and John consider their upcoming separation. Second, as the relationship ends, and they prepare to go their separate ways. And third, as the relationship begins, with Perry and John on their fifth date sharing their anxieties about, and their hopes and dreams for, what might be possible between them. Saudade is about the love, sorrow, delight, disappointment, sadness, and compassion contained within the life of a relationship.

Saturday, Sept 24 8pm There's Something In The Wind, Written by Richard Bloom and Directed by Sarah Merkey

Susie Mayhew – who has a crush on Ernest Hemingway – needs to help raise $12,000 her father, a bookstore owner, lost in bad investments. Her friend Margaret Mitchell is writing Gone With The Wind, but the proper ending eludes her. Unbeknownst to Margaret, Susie has entered her work in a contest featuring Hemingway as speaker at the awards ceremony. When she is named a finalist, Susie has to convince Margaret to go so she can ask Hemingway to do a book signing at the store and infuse sales. Margaret goes and finds her ending.

Pay-what-you-will tickets now on sale at Sharifa Andrews is the event Stage Manager.