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"Tyrannical Tale" Premieres Online June 19!

Curtain Players is excited to present another evening of virtual theatre on Friday, June 19, with the streaming premiere of Curtain Players' production of The Tyrannical Tale of the Pupletine River by Noah Martin.

The premiere will stream at 7 p.m., June 19, 2020 on the Curtain Players YouTube channel at

The Tyrannical Tale of the Pupletine River is the story of Adam Adams and Kate Everett, who wander the playground at recess. While looking about, they discover an interesting and shimmering blue portal. When they touch it, they are transported to the mystical and magical realm of the Pupletine Jungle. Here, they meet many odd characters and must save the jungle from their evil teacher – Laylah Kane – before she converts it to a series of Retirement Homes, Condos, and worse!

The cast includes Evan Stefanik, Casey Merkey Justin Pinsker, Mackenzie Joseph, Kathy Hyland, Celia Car, Noah Martin, Madi Staten, and Rusty Wummel.

This is the community theatre’s second virtual reader's theater event, following Super Tale – A Super Powered Fairy Tale, also penned by Martin, and still available to stream for free on YouTube.

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