A Midsummer Night's Dream

by William Shakespeare
Directed by Kyle Smith

Production Kickoff: March 28, 2023

Audition: April 02, 2023

Performance Dates

June 9, 10, 16, 17, 23, & 24, 2023 at 8:00PM
June 18 & 25, 2023 at 2:00PM

Unless specifically noted, all roles are open to all regardless of race or ethnicity.

  • We will be casting for 10-12 actors of any and all genders to play multiple roles..
  • Actors 18 and older preferred.

  • Theseus – Duke of Athens who doesn't let his impending nuptials stop him from hearing petitions.
  • Hippolyta – Queen of the Amazons, about to wed Theseus after her defeat in combat.
  • Egeus – Father of Hermia, very upset that she wants to marry Lysander and not Demetrius.
  • Hermia – Daughter of Egeus, betrothed to Demetrius, but in love with Lysander.
  • Lysander – Hermia's lover. That about sums it up.
  • Demetrius – Hermia's suitor, formerly Helena's lover. Not the nicest guy in the play.
  • Helena – Hermia's friend, hopelessly in love with Demetrius.
  • Philostrate – Master of the Revels, the government official in charge of all entertainment.
  • Peter Quince – A carpenter and the leader of the mechanicals, in other words: the put-upon director.
  • Nick Bottom – A weaver set to play Pyramus in the mechanicals' play whose aspirations of stardom might make an ass of him.
  • Francis Flute – A bellows-mender who gets the role of Thisbe, much to his consternation.
  • Tom Snout – The tinker who plays the Wall.
  • Snug – A joiner who plays the Lion in the play-within-a-play, much to his relief since he doesn’t have to learn lines.
  • Robin Starveling – The tailor, who plays Moonshine in Pyramus and Thisbe.
  • Oberon – The King of the Fairies, whose marital disquiet with Titania is one of the driving forces of the play.
  • Titania – The proud Queen of the Fairies whose quarreling with Oberon has dire consequences.
  • Puck – Also called Robin Goodfellow, Oberon's servant who nudges the play along with his mischief.
  • Peaseblossom, Cobweb, Moth, and Mustardseed – Fairies who attend Titania.

Something is rotten in the state of Athens! Though the entire state is preparing for Duke Theseus's impending marriage to Hippolyta, old man Egeus is upset that his daughter Hermia will not submit to his rule and marry Demetrius. When faced with the penalty of death if she does not submit, Hermia runs away with her boyfriend Lysander. You'd think her best friend Helena would keep it a secret right? Well you'd be wrong! In love with Demetrius herself, Helena tells him what has happened, hoping that it will win her points with Demetrius. Meanwhile a group of blue-collar tradesmen attempt that greatest and noblest of undertakings: community theatre. These groups both find themselves in the woods outside Athens, and unfortunately those woods are playing battleground that night to a domestic war between the king and queen of the fairies, a war in which suddenly everybody is a pawn, and Puck is playing with all the pieces. The course of true love never did run smooth, but will this be a course correction, or a total derailment for everybody?

Kyle Smith is an actor and first-time director. Kyle is a graduate of the Shakespeare & Performance graduate program at Mary Baldwin University in Staunton, Virginia where he added a punch to his "Shakespearean Friars" card, and developed an unhealthy obsession with John Lyly. While at Mary Baldwin, Kyle had the immense privilege of being able to study the original staging conditions of the Early Modern English theater, namely by studying and working in the Blackfriars Playhouse, a recreation of Shakespeare's indoor playhouse and home of the American Shakespeare Center. With a sensibility informed by the energetic performances produced there, Kyle hopes to bring that same enthusiasm to Curtain Players and beyond.


  • Production Kickoff: Tuesday, March 28, 2023, 6:30 pm
  • Audition: Sunday, April 02, 2023


Script review, auditions, and performances take place at:
Curtain Players Theatre
5691 Harlem Road, Galena, OH 43021

Curtain Players offers an information session for each of its productions as a help for actors seeking roles, but attendance is not required to audition. The event is an opportunity for actors to become acquainted with the community theatre organization, to discuss the play with the director, and to ask questions about the audition process, rehearsal period, and production plans. Those interested in working behind the scenes are also invited to attend.

Curtain Players conducts open auditions for its productions. Roles are not cast in advance, and, unless specified otherwise in the role's description, are open to all without regard to race or ethnicity. Casting decisions are made by the director and a casting committee comprised of a member of the theatre board, a general member of the organization, and individuals of the director's choosing.

Please be prepared to perform a memorized ten-to-fifteen line monologue of early modern verse in addition to the usual cold readings. We plan to play live music in this show, so any and all musical expertise is greatly welcomed. If you have any, you are encouraged to prepare a thirty-bar excerpt to be performed after your monologue. If you need help selecting a monologue or have questions about performing verse, please reach out to Kyle!

Requests for an early audition for A Midsummer Nights Dream must be made no later than March 19, 2023.

Questions related to the audition process may be directed to production@curtainplayers.org.

Rehearsals will be held (availability dependent) on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday at 7:00 pm with a hard stop at 9:00. Early rehearsals will involve coaching in the performance of verse. Monday rehearsals will be devoted to rehearsing the live music performances.

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