As of October 1, 2023, construction continues with the theatre addition as we gear up for the second production of Season 61. The project has been slowed due to inspections that must occur before progress can continue.

Items that have been completed include plumbing lines have been installed and buried; foundation and framing; decking and the first layer of weather-proofing for the roof and walls; electrical lines have been run and are awaiting inspection.

Inspection for the electric and framing should be concluded in the next few weeks. Then the new steps, siding, roof, concrete, insulation and dry-walling can be completed. After that, finishing the bathroom and the hooking up of the HVAC system will be next on the to-do list. Following this, the committee is preparing to complete flooring, painting and setting up the rooms.

Please let Chairperson Sean Brinker or President Heather Schultz know if you have any questions.
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