Rest Assured

by Donald Payton
Directed by Kathy Hyland
Stage Manager Jeremy Harrison

Feb. 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, & 20, 2021 at 8:00PM
Feb. 14 & 21, 2021 at 2:00PM

Sharifa Andrews (Mildred), Hope Bailey (Miss Akers), Lily Billups (Jessica Morlock), Allyson Brickner (Martha Lanconi), Christian Hall (Mr. Morlock), Briana Harger (Mary Morlock), Lynn Hull (Mrs. Morlock), Jeff Kemeter (Dr. Brown), Dan Kuhlman (Joe Lanconi), Kenneth Perdue (Luigi Lanconi), Heather Schultz (Lucifer), Kyle Smith (George Plew), & Gail Stewart (Mrs. Schmaltz)

Mr. Morlock is a fidgety, grouchy old fellow who doesn't like anything but money and won't let his daughter marry Joe Laconi because he's poor. So when Joe's papa, Luigi, comes over to plead his son's case, the two men start feuding and Mr. Morlock says if Mary weds Joe, it'll be over his dead body! Luigi says if they don't get married it'll be over his! When Luigi has a heart attack, the feud appears over. But Luigi gets permission from "up there" to come back and haunt Mr. Morlock and continue haunting him until he gives the kids his blessing. Mr. Morlock is frenzied! Luigi's ghost, visible only to Morlock, kicks him off the couch, pulls the covers off him, kicks him in the seat, flirts with his secretary, and cavorts around in a fashion that would put most ghosts to shame. Poor Mr. Morlock, the entire family thinks he's lost his few remaining marbles. In his despair, he accidentally takes too many sleeping pills. Then it happens. He, too, kicks the bucket. But Mr. Morlock refuses to leave earth until things are settled to his satisfaction, and of course, Luigi says he will not rest in peace until Mary and Joe are married. Unfortunately, life in Mr. Morlock's home goes on as if nothing happened and for the first time ever, Mr. Morlock realizes his mistakes and begs for another chance.

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